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Design and Performance. Big words for sure. We want you to have the very best product at a price that simply makes sense. Affordable. We all want to have fun! LiteHawk brings you some of the world’s very best Radio Controlled toys, thoughtfully designed.... tortuously tested in development - they are all ready for you!

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Bringing consumers a great toy is only part of our success - product support, is the other part! It's frustrating to buy a new toy and when something goes wrong, you're left out in the cold - who do you call, is there help? We strongly believe that all LiteHawks are not throw away toys. If you have a question or concern, contact us - we are proud to offer Industry Leading Parts and Technical Support that are both in-house and also available on-line! That's important. Really important.

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Trust us, this is no ordinary forum! Staffed by a full team of LiteHawk Moderators whose backgrounds range from Engineering, Component Design, Forum Management, R/C Build and development... professionally, you are in good hands. With over two million views to date, we’re doing something right! 

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