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Welcome To LiteHawk
Design and Performance. Big words for sure. We want you to have the very best product at a price that simply makes sense. Affordable. We all want to have fun! LiteHawk brings you some of the world’s very best Radio Controlled toys, thoughtfully designed.... tortuously tested in development - they are all ready for you!

LiteHawk Marina"Let 'er rip! Honestly! Every LiteHawk Marine product has been taken to the limit and thrashed for maximum enjoyment!" Professional drivers on closed/private waterfronts. Download >>>>

LiteHawk Garage "Professional Driver on a Closed Course"...need we say more? Download >>>>



Summer 2014 Image-Video Contest is On Now!
Photo/Video Contest will begin July 1st, 2014! You all had such amazing entries for our May contest, that we decided to do it again - with even more prizes! Show us your LiteHawk in a creative way! Let's see what ya got! All editing software IS allowed so you can go crazy >>>>

LiteHawk Forum
Trust us, this is no ordinary forum! Staffed by a full team of LiteHawk Moderators whose backgrounds range from Engineering, Component Design, Forum Management, R/C Build and Development....professionally, you are in good hands. With over two million views to date, we’re doing something right! Visit LiteHawk Forum

LiteHawk INSIDER E-Bulletin
Get the inside scoop! Keep up to speed with our newest product releases. Ever missed a Forum contest, simply because it happened so fast? Heck, it was over before you even got to the party! LiteHawk will never, ever share your email addy - it's private and we respect that. Sign Up!

Parts and Technical Support
Bringing consumers a great toy is only part of our success - product support, is the other part! It's frustrating to buy a new toy and when something goes wrong, you're left out in the cold - who do you call, is there help? We strongly believe that all
LiteHawks are not throw away toys. If you have a question or concern, please e-mail us litehawkcanada@gmail.com - we are proud to offer Industry Leading Parts and Technical Support that are both in-house and also available on-line! That's important. Really important.

FLITE-SIM Download
Learn To Fly - Before You Fly! Our PC Simulator Software connects to your LiteHawk remote! Only available with XXL 2.4Ghz and Collector's Edition 2013

New Reedy Balance Charger
Say goodbye to long charge times right now! Great features at an economical price make the Reedy 526-S AC/DC 2S-6S LiPo/LiFe Balance Charger the perfect choice for all LiPo and LiFe battery charging requirements >>>>

LiteHawk Where to Buy
The full line of LiteHawk Products are available right across Canada and the United States! Please feel free to call us toll free 1-800-268-5797 or drop us an e-mail - we'll be more than happy to recommend a retailer close to you!

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