LiteHawk MAX 4x4 Rock Racer

Our new Rock Racer starts with radical chassis design, advanced components and outrageous suspension travel - meet MAX 4x4! True 4-link rear suspension and slider rear driveshaft means you have traction and control when you need it! Soft compound all-terrain tires with bead-lock wheels and even more grip! Quality component design continues, thanks to advanced inboard front shocks with cantilever independent suspension. MAX 4x4 comes equipped with an LED roof mounted light bar and a second mini unit located on the front bumper - perfect for evening trail adventures!

  • Easily hit speeds of 35 km/h (22 mph)
  • Energy Absorbing Composite Roll Cage
  • Screw On Body panels
  • True 4-link Rear Suspension
  • Slider Rear Driveshaft for Maximum Suspension Travel
  • Solid Rear Axle with Independent Front Suspension
  • Inboard Front Shocks with Cantilever Independent Suspension
  • Threaded Body Shocks
  • Smooth Composite Lower Chassis
  • Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Aluminum Suspension Mounts
  • Metal Weight Balancing Plates for Even Weight Distribution
  • Real Steel Centre Driveshafts
  • Metal Bearing Equipped
  • Real Steel Centre Input and Output Shafts
  • Soft Compound All Terrain Tires
  • Bead-Lock Wheels
  • LED Lights
  • Rechargeable battery and wall mount charger included

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True All-Terrain Capability

The LiteHawk MAX 4x4 not only looks the part but fares exceptionally well on all terrain types. Giant off-road tires and massive suspension clearance help MAX roll over any obstacle.

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Next-Level Durability

MAX is capable of taking all the punishment you can throw at it. Jumps, drifts, rough terrain, you name it! In the event of a breakdown, LiteHawk parts and tech will have you back in action in no time. MAX's modular construction makes repairs simple.

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Ready to Run

Like all LiteHawk products, MAX is factory tested and ready to run. Everything needed to run the vehicle is included in the box. Remote, vehicle battery, charging peripherals, instructions, and the MAX truck are all included.

Have a question about your new RANGER Hovercraft? Parts and Technical will be available when RANGER arrives late 2017!