LiteHawk FOCUS

Drones have taken the world by storm and have revolutionized the R/C industry. As a result they have firmly embedded themselves in our popular culture. Take to the skies with FOCUS! This amazing little drone not only features what everyone is asking for - HD Video with digital stabilization, we take it a few steps further. We give you an ergonomic user interface that is built right into the controller so everything is at your fingertips. Not only can you Livestream from FOCUS to see where you are, you can see what your are taking video of! Adjustable flight modes,’s all here. And we mean all - everything is included - SD Card, USB reader, rechargable batteries and chargers too!

  • HD video and imaging seamlessly controlled by you
  • Ergonomic all-in-one FPV (first person view) controller with built in colour screen so you can see all the action!
  • Fully featured with included micro SD card and reader, rechargeable batteries, USB chargers...everything you need to start your adventure is included in the box (which is reusable too).
  • Full digital stabilization keeps you in control
  • Adjustable flight modes to tackle heavy wind or calm indoor flights
  • Wide angle fisheye lens captures all the action
  • Bright LED lights for night flying
  • FOCUS uses protective rotor guards with soft landing pods for extra durability

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Capable Drone Design

The LiteHawk FOCUS is capable of line-of-sight flight with 2.4GHZ control and live FPV streaming. FOCUS is stable and easy to control - thanks to its unique design and low center of gravity.

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All-in-one FPV

FOCUS brings you the FPV experience you've always wanted. With a screen attached to the remote, there's no fumbling with phone apps for streaming; all you need is included and ready to go! You don't need to spend thousands on drone equipment - the LiteHawk FOCUS is your all i one solution that won't break the bank!

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Ready to Run

Like all LiteHawk products, FOCUS is factory tested and ready to run. Everything needed to run the drone is included in the box. Remote, vehicle battery, charging peripherals, instructions, and the FOCUS drone are all included.

Have a question about your new RANGER Hovercraft? Parts and Technical will be available when RANGER arrives late 2017!