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Welcome to the all-new LiteHawk OVERDRIVE!  

Discover the power of twin motor technology paired with terrain-conquering 4WD! OVERDRIVE brings the power and suspension capabilities required to take on dirt, gravel, grass, and jumps alike! 2.4GHz control gives you line of sight operation of OVERDRIVE along with the ability to race friends without worrying about interference. The all-new LiteHawk Overdrive debuts with a twin engine setup! Two high torque engines team up to deliver seamless power for all terrain types.

Like all LiteHawk products, OVERDRIVE is factory tested and ready to run. Everything needed to run the vehicle is included in the box. Remote, vehicle battery, charging peripherals, instructions, and the OVERDRIVE truck are all included.


  • Twin Motors

  • Speeds over 50 KM/H

  • Upgraded suspension travel

  • Modular chassis design

  • Oversize off-road tires

  • Variable speed adjustment (on remote)


See the OVERDRIVE in Action!

Watch the LiteHawk OVERDRIVE take on some off-road jumps!

Twin engine power gives this Monster Truck the capability to power over any terrain with ease.


What’s in the Box


  • Remote

  • Battery and Charger

  • Instruction Manual

  • Wrench and Body Clips

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Twin Motors

Take on terrain of all kinds with the power of two motors working simultaneously! Grass, gravel, pavement, jumps, and more! Increased torque and power output easily propels OVERDRIVE to 50 KM/H!

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Upgraded suspension travel

Take on obstacles you never thought possible! Increased travel and suspension performance with double shock towers over the rear wheels.

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Variable speed adjustment

Learn to drive OVERDRIVE at a safe speed or unleash the full power of two motors - your choice! Perfect for beginners or kids learning to drive an R/C car for the first time.

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Have a question about your new LiteHawk? Parts and Technical is here to help!