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LiteHawk MINI NEON — Micro LED Drone

Welcome to the MINI NEON Drone!

Discover the fun of flying a fast, nimble drone with bright LED lights. Fly during the day, or light up the night with MINI NEON.


  • Drone and Plane functionality

  • Auto Drone Included

  • Transform to plane by inserting drone into plane housing

  • Highly durable, flexible plane chassis

  • Adjustable performance modes

  • Micro size portable remote


Watch FREEDOM Fly!

The LiteHawk FREEDOM is an ideal park flier! 

Watch the FREEDOM in action in both plane and drone modes.


What's in the Box?

Ready to Run!

  • Remote and Drone

  • Battery and Charging Peripherals

  • Foam Wing Set

  • Instruction Manual

All Included.

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Drone Functionality

Want to fly in drone mode? No problem! Simply place the Freedom drone on a flat surface, sync the remote, and start flying! The Freedom drone flies just like any other LiteHawk drone.

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Transform into a Plane!

The LiteHawk Freedom switches easily to plane format in seconds. Simply snap the drone into the plane housing and get ready to fly! The drone propellers provides the forward thrust just like a traditional model plane.

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All Inclusive and Ready to Run!

The LiteHawk Freedom comes with everything you need to enjoy full flight in both drone and plane format. Drone, remote, plane wings, charging peripherals, and instruction manual included!

Have a question about your new LiteHawk? Parts and Technical is here to help!