LiteHawk II

LiteHawk II, it's name says it all! The II can best be described as a true successor to our very first helicopter, the LiteHawk. Built to our exacting standards, we have added more features, just for you!

  • The rotors allow for flex, so should you have a crash (an R/C heli nightmare), LiteHawk II is tough enough to stand up to impacts that others simply cannot. So you are back up and flying right away!
  • Gyro stabilization allows LiteHawk to fly effortlessly, no "twitch", no headaches...just stable flight!
  • 2 in 1 Remote Control is a charger for your LiteHawk II. Simply plug the Remote into your helicopter and the on-board Lithium batteries take care of the rest!
  • The lighting for the chassis and nose are controlled from the remote, so you can fly in stealth mode! 
  • We've also given you a Boost Button so you can increase power when you need it! 
  • A handy USB charger is also included. 
  • LiteHawk II is available in Blue or White. And that's just the beginning!
  • 100% factory assembled and ready for you!

Helpful Do-It-Yourself Guides , Overview videos, Instruction Manuals - and of course tips and tricks, just a mouse click away.

There's nothing worse than buying a new toy, having a question, or needing a replacement part, and then being left out in the cold. No worries! We have all the Replacement Parts you may need to keep your LiteHawk in tip top shape!