LiteHawk GOBI

GOBI R/C Desert Racer is here! Radical design combined with proven, durable mechanics allow you to race like never before!

Supple suspension, combined with a front skid plate that extends right to the rear of the chassis, gives you a durable, performance driven racing platform. Go ahead and take-on the toughest corners and you'll see why we placed the engine way back at the rear of the chassis...feathering the throttle! Thanks to fully proportional steering and throttle control...this technique let's you shoot through the toughest takes some practice to master - so get ready to enjoy driving on the edge! Line up GOBI for a straight away run, hit the throttle and watch as GOBI hunkers down and shoots to a top speed 35km/h (22 mph) with ease! 

Building your LiteHawk R/C Garage just got one step easier - GOBI and our LiteHawk BLAST share most major mechanical components - so while the looks and handling are both different, there's peace of mind when it comes to changing or replacing parts!

  • Fully loaded with all the usual features that you have come to expect from LiteHawk! 
  • Polycarbonate body shell includes driver and navigator figures and is available in Red or Yellow. Did you know it's the very same material used in bullet-proof vests? It's strong and flexible, so this outer skin helps protect your new R/C vehicle. We also paint the body "from the inside" so it is very resistant to scuffs and scratches!
  • High Travel Friction Shocks are standard equipment on GOBI
  • Fully Independent Suspension let's you tackle uneven terrain with confidence while still affording you maximum performance on smooth surfaces!
  • 2.4Ghz Digital Pistol Grip Controller with soft steering wheel gives you fully proportional control.
  • Includes Wall Mount Charger and Battery
  • Soft All-Terrain Rubber Tires for superior grip

Head on over for useful tips and tricks. We also have in-depth Overview videos that explain your new LiteHawk from top to bottom. Helpful Do-It-Yourself Guides are also available, along with downloadable Instruction Manuals.