Racing slot cars down long straights, through sweeping curves, fighting at cross overs and zipping up and across high bank curves is a driving dream! CIRCUIT LAGUNA brings you all this and more! Everything you need to start racing today is included in the box! LAGUNA layout delivers excitement and close racing action. Powerful race cars, durable track and a Power Base that includes not only a Digital lap Counter, but adjustable Race Distance and Practice Mode too!

  • Digital lap counter has a bright display that is easy to read and intuitive to use. Fully adjustable race distance - short Sprint Race or all-out 99 lap Endurance Race!

  • Ergonomic hand throttles are fully digital, this means that they do not heat up or get hot as you race! Giving you smooth and controlled acceleration.

  • Touring car body style features deep gloss paint, grippy tires and bright LED lights. Their low slung design makes them perfect for high action racing!

  • Each track piece is flexible and clicks together securely, allowing for easy placement, assembly and racing!

  • Fully adjustable Raised Section Supports

  • Poster style guard rails for straight track and double-rung for curve sections included

  • Easy assembly and reusable packaging for simple storage

  • Bonus Pack Includes: Universal Guard Rail decals set and Custom Car decals so you can make your race car unique!

  • Everything you need to expand your racing empire, from additional track to cars is available.

Parts and Technical is right here! We have in-depth Overview Videos that explain your new LiteHawk from top to bottom. Helpful Do-It-Yourself Guides are also available, along with downloadable Instruction Manuals.