LiteHawk CHAMP

Scaled down version of the most spectacular form of racing on the water....F1! The fastest turning vehicle in the world. It was our designer’s job to bring this excitement to you. Realistic outboard style motor drives this water-rocket to speeds over 30kph (18mph) across the water! Durable plastic hull with water-tight gasket keeps the electronics and motor dry, while advanced water cooling systems keep them from over heating! CHAMP's powerful motor let's you easily get up to speed and skip across the waves with ease! Oversize rudder lets you negotiate the turns with confidence. Boat stand is included so once you have finished racing on the water, you can display LiteHawk CHAMP.

  • Scale Turning Outboard Motor 
  • Digital Proportional 2.4Ghz Control
  • Water Cooled Motor and Electronics! 
  • Length: 44.4cm (17.5 inches) 
  • Beam 17.1cm (6.75 inches) 
  • Height 12.7cm (5 inches) 
  • Battery and Charger included.

Helpful Do-It-Yourself Guides are also available, along with downloadable Instruction Manuals. Comprehensive Overview videos will show you the ins and outs of your new LiteHawk!