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  • Factory Assembled and Ready For You.
  • Fully Independent Suspension 
  • Polycarbonate body shell in graphite grey with orange accents
  • Battery compartment on the bottom of the chassis makes battery changes a breeze! 
  • High Output Motor features integrated cooling fins to keep temperatures stable! 
  • 2.4Ghz Digital Systems let you race with endless friends - without the worry of frequencies or channels! 
  • Includes Wall Mount Charger and Battery. 
  • Soft All-Terrain Rubber Tires

LiteHawk BLAST

How about hitting the Beach and enjoying the sand - Buggy style! Distinctive body design, protective roll cage and huge rear wing are what makes BLAST 2 stand apart - that and speed, lots and lots of speed! 35km/h (22 mph) ensures maximum excitement from our powerful 2WD racer!

Blast 2 brings all the fun of the original, but now with key improvements to structural components and a flashy new paint job!




    See BLAST 2 Go!

    2WD is second to non in terms of fun!

    Watch the BLAST 2 power through some tough terrain and hit some jumps in the Skate Park.

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    BLAST 2 Action (13 of 94).jpg

    2WD Fun!

    Drift and slide through dirt, shooting up clouds as you go. Nothing beat the fun of a 2WD vehicle! Plenty of traction when you need it from oversize rear tires.

    BLAST 2 Studio (33 of 45).jpg

    Great Steering Feel

    Adjust the suspension on the Blast 2 to change the handling characteristics to suit your driving style! Small high grip tires in the front allow for great turn in even on rough terrain.

    BLAST 2 Action (63 of 94).jpg

    Easy Battery Swap

    Easily access the battery through the underside of the chassis. Swap batteries easily on the go!

    BLAST 2 Studio (1 of 45).jpg

    Parts and Technical is right here! We have in-depth Overview Videos that explain your new LiteHawk from top to bottom. (Available Fall 2018)