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LiteHawk BIG TOM SC (Snow Cross)

The big brother to the LIL' TOM has arrived! - drawing inspiration from the mini off-roader, BIG TOM scales everything up to the next level. Gigantic wheels, shocks, and suspension travel are the name of the game with the BIG TOM! Like the LIL' TOM and ACE, the BIG TOM sports a muscular exterior roll cage that adds protection and light weight rigidity.

Front mounted LED lights illuminate any terrain the BIG TOM is going over - and trust us, this thing can go over almost anything! Big Tom brings the largest shocks ever put on a LiteHawk vehicle. Front and rear 4-link suspension allows for an incredible range of motion that enables the Big Tom to tackle a wide variety of obstacles.

Having the engines located lower improves the center of gravity and removes the need for drive shafts. In effect, Big Tom can have an even greater suspension travel!


  • Brand new, in house designed track system! Cover advanced terrain with BIG TOM SC’s rubber treads

  • Energy Absorbing Composite Roll cage

  • Screw on body panels

  • True 4-link rear suspension

  • Slider rear driveshaft for maximum suspension travel

  • Solid rear axle with independent front suspension

  • Soft compound all terrain tires

  • Outdoor Adventure

  • LED light bar

  • With an engine located in both the front and rear transmission casings, the Big Tom delivers power to all wheels consistently.

  • Off Road Performance.

  • Fully Assembled



Watch the Big Tom take on some epic frozen terrain in this action packed video!

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Ready to Conquer!

With the Big Tom’s giant tracked wheels, you can truly feel like the king of any terrain. Snow, ice, mud, gravel, grass, you name it and the Big Tom can handle it!

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Two Ways to Drive

Put on the All-Terrain Wheels for some high speed fun over light terrain! Attach the tracks to tackle rough, impassible environments like snow and mud.

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Wheels and Tracks Included

BIG TOM SC includes a full set of fully functioning Snow Cross tracks as well as a complete set of over-sized off road tires!

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Available Early Summer 2019!

Parts and Technical is right here! We have in-depth Overview Videos that explain your new LiteHawk from top to bottom. Helpful Do-It-Yourself Guides are also available, along with downloadable Instruction Manuals.