Bring the excitement of your favorite high-speed, car racing arcade game straight to your mobile device. By utilizing cutting edge augmented reality technology - Activ Racer turns your device into a fast-paced, virtual race track that you can take anywhere! Take control of the vehicle of your choice and sprint, jump and maneuver your way around the track. Demolish obstacles with a simple twist of the wrist, all while avoiding the perilous traps that get in your way.

  • ACTIV Racer puts a real car on your Phone or tablet.

  • Place the car on your screen; it sticks like magic!

  • Augmented reality allows you to play virtually with your car wherever you are!

  • Tilt your phone or tablet to change lane, and press the roof of your car to start, jump and send missiles. The car lights up, jumps and vibrates according to the different obstacles you encounter.

  • Suitable for ages 8+

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