Welcome to ACTIV RACER -- the all new arcade racing game from LiteHawk! Attach your ACTIV RACER car to your mobile device, choose your stage and get ready for some awesome race car fun! ACTIV RACER adds a physical car to the mobile arcade gaming experience! Watch the vehicle react to your actions in the game.

The ACTIV RACER car will light up and move on its own! Play ACTIV RACER anywhere you want. With convenient carry case the ACTIV RACER car can be brought with you on the go! Try to set a new high score whenever and wherever you choose.

ACTIV RACER is a blast! Be careful of running out of health, though, or its game over.

ACTIV RACER comes in three exciting colours, each with an exciting hypercar design.

Everything you need to get started playing is included.

Simply download the App, and scan the car’s ‘QR’ code to pair.

Stick the car to your phone and you’re ready to play!

Collect coins and powerups while jumping over obstacles and steering around other cars.

Fire missiles at the boss using the button on the top of the Active Racer car!

ACTIV RACER is available now!

How far can you make it in this exciting new arcade racer?

  • ACTIV RACER puts a real car on your Phone or tablet.

  • Place the car on your screen; it sticks like magic!

  • Augmented reality allows you to play virtually with your car wherever you are!

  • Tilt your phone or tablet to change lane, and press the roof of your car to start, jump and send missiles. The car lights up, jumps and vibrates according to the different obstacles you encounter.

  • Suitable for ages 8+

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