Flexible "Break Away" blades, soft touch radio controls
and very consistent flying character make XL the perfect choice!

Welcome to LiteHawk XL 2014

LiteHawk XL (Black Chassis) 2014Download >>>>

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LiteHawk XL 2014 Images .png

100% Factory Tested & Fully Assembled
Our LiteHawk XL is pre-assembled for you! LiteHawk XL Helicopter is also factory tested to ensure quality, all you need to do is fly!

  • Length: 320 mm (12.75 inches)
  • Height: 140 mm (5.5 inches)
  • Blue: 49.680 MHz or Red: 27.145 MHz
  • Wall mount charger
  • On board 3.7 Volt, 500 mAh LiPo

LiteHawk XL (Black Chassis) 2014 OverviewDownload >>>>

LiteHawk XL 2014
XL comes fully loaded with a CNC Metal Chassis for both light weight and superior strength.

  • New for 2014 is an added Boost Control giving you more forward power! A sleek new cowl, rotor blades and an impressive LED search light too. LiteHawk XL, a stable indoor and outdoor flyer!
  • It's coaxial rotor design means that 2 sets of blades, spinning in opposite directions, provide a very stable flying character.
  • Your new LiteHawk XL also uses a wall mounted charger, this allows you to simply plug your heli in and charge, no need to use the batteries from your transmitter as the power supply. This saves expensive "AA" radio batteries and the environment too!

Parts and Technical Services
Accidents happen, even to the best of us. No worries! We pride ourselves on the very best customer service! Helpful Do-It-Yourself Guides are also available, along with .pdf Instruction manuals >>>>


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