Parts and Technical Support For LiteHawk II Helicopter

Accidents happen, even to the best of us. We have a full inventory of replacement parts to keep your LiteHawk in the air!
For Technical and Parts Orders please call us Toll Free in Canada 1-800-268-5797 or email:

Shipping and Handling is $2.50 Flat Rate (Canada Post) for every $50.00 of parts that you order, plus applicable taxes.
(mechanical parts shared with 6996 Collector's Edition)

Pre Finished Body (blue only)
285-23 $3.00 CDN

Landing Gear
285-02 $3.00 CDN

Outer CNC Chassis
285-03 $3.00 CDN
Back Ordered

Inner CNC Chassis
285-04 $3.00 CDN

Back Ordered

Twin Rotor Motors
285-05 $7.00 CDN

Rotor Blades Set "A"
285-07 $3.00 CDN

Rotor Blades Set "B"
285-08 $3.00 CDN

Upper Rotor Mount
285-09A $3.00 CDN

Lower Rotor Mount
285-10A $3.00 CDN

Main Rotor Stab Boom
285-11 $3.00 CDN

Tail Boom w/ Assy.
285-12 $6.00

Main Rotor Shaft Set
285-13A $3.00 CDN

Tail Support Rods
285-14 $3.00 CDN

Li Po Battery
285-15 $7.00 CDN

Stab Boom Connectors
285-16 $3.00 CDN

Tail Rotor Blade
285-17 $3.00 CDN

Main Rotor Comp. Assy.
285-19A $9.50 CDN

Rotor Pin
285-20 $0.50 CDN

USB Charger Round Pin
285-22 $5.00 CDN

285-24 $15.00 CDN

Delivery Upgrade to Canpar Courier $7.00 CDN - Canada Only
Sorry, they do not deliver to PO Boxes or apartments


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