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LiteHawk One Awesome Micro Heli!
The rotors allow for flex, so should you have a crash (an R/C heli nightmare), Litehawk is tough enough to stand up to impacts that others simply cannot. So you are back up and flying right away!

  • Gyro stabilization allows LiteHawk to fly effortlessly, no "twitch", no headaches...just stable flight!
  • 2 in 1 Remote Control is a charger for your Litehawk too! Simply plug the Remote into your helicopter and the on-board Lithium batteries take care of the rest!

Parts and Technical Support
Your new Litehawk II is not a throw away toy. Every single part can be replaced, really! We also offer you helpful DIY (do it yourself) guides so you can easily see, step by step, how to replace a part quickly >>>>

LiteHawk Forum
Join your fellow LiteHawk pilots for a recap of your flight! The flight deck is open, and we are eager to hear what you have to say >>>>


Litehawk Forum